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Meet Olly Driver

Developer Team Lead at Flowmotion

Olly is an IT professional who believes software should be accessible and functional for all. He heads up our development team and is keen to promote, develop, and inspire those around him with the experiences he has gained from the IT industry. He promotes a culture of inclusivity, free expression, and a comfortable networking environment. Colleagues and clients approach Olly with their unique software challenges, confident that he will have a timely solution that fits their criteria. Before working at Flowmotion, Olly attained a First-Class degree in Computer Science, specialising in accessible design and application creation. His knowledge has propelled him into a full-stack role and further progression to Developer Team Leader. Currently working on public sector projects, Olly has extensive knowledge of the ServiceNow platform. This is strengthened by his practice of JavaScript and various user-facing technologies. Olly plays a key role in driving Flowmotion's ambition to bring personality to software development.