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Meet Gerry Docherty

ServiceNow Developer at Flowmotion

Meet Gerry, a seasoned software maestro with a flair for crafting digital wonders. Armed with a BSc in Computer Science from the prestigious University of Glasgow, Gerry's journey into the world of technology began with a solid foundation. For over half a decade, Gerry was the cornerstone of Andy's team, spearheading the development of groundbreaking projects. His role as a ServiceNow Developer was instrumental in not only bringing these creations to life but also ensuring they thrived in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Gerry's forte lies not only in code but also in communication. He's the bridge between concept and reality, adept at working closely with clients to transform their visions into tangible, user-friendly products. His expertise in languages like PHP, JavaScript, and SQL is the catalyst behind his knack for turning ideas into engaging, functional solutions. With Gerry at the helm, expect nothing short of digital excellence and a seamless user experience. He's not just a developer; he's a visionary, a problem-solver, and a tech wizard rolled into one.