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Meet Claire Smith

Director and Project Manager at Flowmotion

Claire Smith is a distinguished professional with an extensive background in business analysis, project management, and recruitment. As a co-founder and Director of Flowmotion, a prominent software development firm based in York, Claire, alongside co-founder Andy Whittle, has steered the company to remarkable heights. Under Claire's astute leadership, Flowmotion has garnered recognition for its proficiency in developing bespoke business applications, utilising cutting-edge technologies. She excels in overseeing key aspects including customer requirements gathering, developer story prioritisation, project management, competitor product analysis, and rigorous product testing. Claire's prior roles include pivotal positions at Risana and PureNet, where she demonstrated exceptional skills in streamlining operations and managing comprehensive project lifecycles. Her innate ability to navigate complexities, coupled with a profound understanding of both technical and business realms, positions her as a dynamic and accomplished leader in the industry.