flowmotion employee image

Meet Andy Whittle

Flowmotion's Founder and Director

Andy, an IT professional, believes software should be functional and delightful to use. He bridges the gap between technology and human experiences, creating solutions that evoke joy and connection. At Flowmotion, he fosters a culture of innovation, celebrating diverse perspectives. Colleagues and clients praise his ability to inject personality into software solutions. Before founding Flowmotion in 2018, Andy started his career at Atos where he consulted for KPMG, Philips and Virgin mobile. Andy then moved into the public sector when he joined Northern Rail, supporting their bespoke rail applications for 3,000 IT users at over 270 locations. Thanks to his expertise and ambition to learn, Andy progressed to UK IT Service Operations Manager in just five years. Seeing first-hand the challenges in both the public and private sectors for quality full-stack app developers, Andy founded Flowmotion as a solution for personable IT resource solutions. He understands that the best software is not only functional but also intuitive, visually appealing, and designed with the end-user in mind. Andy is on a mission to transform the software development world by infusing it with personality, creativity, and a human touch.